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Radon Testing

A radon test is taken to determine the amounts of radon inside the house. Radon is a radioactive gas that is caused by the breakdown of uranium in the ground. Because radon is a light gas it will flow from the ground up through the house, as it enters the house it can become trapped causing higher amounts of radon to collect inside the house.

When you are looking for qualified Radon gas inspection companies, it is important to find one who adheres to all the required governmental and EPA requirements. At OklaHome Inspections we perform our Radon testing in accordance with all EPA , NRPP/AARST requirements. All of our monitors are on the EPA’S approved list for short term testing and are calibrated yearly to meet their standards. We place a monitor in the home for 48 hours, after which time we can then give you the Radon test results. We typically try to set the monitor in the home, 48 hours before the inspection. This allows us to have the test results ready for you at the time of your walk through.

A sample radon test can be seen on our Resources page.

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